In the wake of covid and how it has impacted the work-life balance all around the globe, it does not come across as a surprise to see organizations starting to shift to a hybrid work timetable. Of course, workers are expected to comply with what is decided in order to meet the demands of the workflow, the organization needs to consider the health and mental health of the employees too.

What is a hybrid work model? A company opts for a hybrid work model when it has employees working both in-office and remotely, which seems to be the case considering…

The two countries, Pakistan and India, share a complicated history. Since their very inception, both the countries have been fighting battles on many fronts, one of the more prominent of these fronts is economic prosperity. IT being one of the potential goldmines for economic growth has been the focus. Indians have a higher ratio of IT exports as compared to Pakistan, in fact, there is a colossal gap that prevails when it comes to the IT exports of Pakistan and India. …

Aaahh! The mainstream introduction.

An organizational environment consists of internal and external constituents that impact an organization’s productivity and decisions. The external environment consists of all those outside elements that are not within a company’s direct control but have an influence on the goals and achievements of the organization. Internal factors of a company’s environment include factors that are internally managed by an institution. These are easier to regulate and manipulate to attain the desired environment that is conducive to optimum results. …

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